3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 9


Returning officials need complete their requirements for the 18/19 season AND have their new crest on their sweater by December 1st.

Standard of Play

The attacking team is in possession of the puck in the Attacking Zone and the puck is passed back to the blue line. The puck stops on the blue line, then is shot back again. Has an off-sides infraction occurred?

No. Rule Reference 630(a).

The puck would have had to completely cross the blue line before being shot back into the Attacking Zone for an off-side to occur.

Throwing the Stick

 A defending player throws his stick along the ice at an attacking player in possession and control of the puck. The attacking player is in his Attacking Zone when the stick is thrown. The stick does not hit the puck or the player, but the player loses possession of the puck. Is a penalty shot to be awarded?

Yes. The offended team has a penalty shot/optional minor penalty option. Rule Reference 637(a).

When a defending player throws his stick in the direction of the puck that is in his Defending Zone, a penalty shot must be awarded. In this situation the Referee cannot be expected to determine whether the stick caused the attacking player to lose his concentration or if he lost possession by his own actions.

Abuse of Officials

A player on the ice makes physical contact with an Official following a decision made by that Official. What penalty or penalties shall be assessed?

A misconduct, game misconduct or match penalty, depending on the severity of the offense. Rule References 601(d.1, e.4 and f.1). The officials must be able to distinguish between the severity of the contact and the intent of the player in order to assess the appropriate penalty. Simply touching an official does not constitute a physical assault calling for a match penalty.