3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 10


Returning officials have 5 days to complete their requirements for the 18/19 season AND have their new crest on their sweater.


An attacking or defending player in an end zone shoots the puck into the Neutral Zone. The puck hits an Official in the Neutral Zone and deflects off the Official back into the end zone while an attacking player is still in the Attacking Zone. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At the point of deflection. Rule Reference 630(b).

Any deflection, whether off a teammate, an opponent, an Official, or the boards or glass creating an off-side situation at the blue line, must be treated as such. Officials must always strive to position themselves in such a manner that would allow the puck to leave the zone before striking them, thereby creating the off-side situation.


During the course of play, a goaltender loses his stick. His defensemen picks up the goaltenders stick while in possession of his own stick; in the process of returning the stick to the goaltender, the defensemen plays the puck, is this a legal play?

No, Rule Reference 301(e)

A minor penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed to a player or goalkeeper who participates in the play while he is in possession of more than one stick, except that no penalty shall be assessed to a player who is accidentally struck by the puck while he is carrying a replacement stick to a teammate.

Composition of Teams´╗┐

During the course of the game the referee is notified that Players or Team Officials that have received a previous suspension are participating in the game. These players did not sit out or fulfill their obligated suspension time. Should the referee penalize the offending team?

No. Rule Reference 201(c).

The referee may not be aware of the time period that has taken place between games and therefore cannot enforce suspensions to Players or Team Officials. The referee is required to report the incident to the proper authorities for further review.