Fun Facts about officials here in MA

Officials Registered for 22/23: 2,094 (12% increase of 21/22, the most officials registered in 30 years)
Officials Completed Requirements (able to work games) for 22/23: 1,862
Percent of 22/23 Registered Officials Complete: 89.2% (Best in the country!)
Percent of 22/23 Officials that attended a seminar complete: 96.6%

As of Oct 13, 2023

Officials Registered for 23/24: 1,677
23/24 Officials having completed a seminar: 1,209
23/24 Officials Complete: 630
Total officials available (have met requirements for 22/23 and/or 23/24): 2,092

Officials Registered for 21/22: 1866
Average age of officials in 21/22: 31 (oldest = 75)
Number of officials in 21/22 18 or under: 678
Number of officials in 21/22 50 or older: 458
Average age of officials in 21/22: 31 (oldest = 75)
Brand New Officials in 21/22: 631

Officials Registered in 22/23: 2094
Average age of officials in 22/23: 30 (oldest = 76)
Number of officials in 22/23 18 or under: 860
Number of officials in 22/23 50 or older: 489
Average age of officials in 22/23: 30 (oldest = 76)
Brand New Officials: 745

Of the 1,866 Registered for 21/22, number of officials that did not return for 22/23: 729 (39%)
Number 1 reason for not returning: Lack of Opportunity
Number 2 reason for not returning: Abuse

Players Registered in 22/23: 45,946 (down 2% from 21/22)
Players Registered in 14/15 (the most players in 30 years): 49,691
Officials Registered in 14/15: 1,618

8 Year Net Loss of 3,745 players
8 Year Net Gain of 470 officials
30 Year Net Gain of 20,045 players
30 Year Net Gain of 1,007 officials

Officials Seminars

Level 1 – USAHockey proposed a significant overhaul of the level 1 curriculum for the 23/24 season. Due to numerous issues, they were not able to deliver that content, and as a consequence they did not notify the affiliates until mid August. As soon as we were made aware, we immediately pivoted our plans to undertake a the significant task of securing ice and classroom space for our level 1 officials. Were we later this season than we usually are, absolutely; but we’re working hard to catch up!

Level 2/3/4 are 100% virtual seminars this season, most of which have been on week nights, and there have been literally hundreds of opportunities across the country for officials to attend a seminar. Additionally, we are hosting seminars as registration warrants.

Why is there a shortage? And how do we fix the problem?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple solution or just one thing. All parties (The officials, the assigners, the affiliate, the leagues and the programs) need to work to solve the multitude of problems that exist. It’s a three-legged stool, it won’t work without all three legs.