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Honor The Game

Minnesota Hockey addressed the issue of negative fan behavior by making some changes in their Honor the Game Tournament. Tom Hanneman has the story. Original Link to the Facebook Post

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3 Rules vol 2, issue 2

610 – Delaying The Game When a goal post has been displaced intentionally, does the Referee or Linesman stop the play? Any of the On-Ice Officials may stop play, but only the Referee may assess the penalty. Rule Reference 610(e).

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3 Rules – vol 2, issue 1

403 – Major Penalties The Referee assesses a minor penalty to a player and it is announced as such. Before the ensuing face-off he decides that the situation warrants a major penalty to be called instead of the minor penalty.

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Register Now!

The USA officials registration season has been in swing for a month and a half.. Please note and spread the word to anybody who might be interested in becoming an official… With that – All registration requirements now must be

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Massachusetts Hockey Introduces New Background Screening Process

In support of USA Hockey’s and the USOC’s efforts to create the safest environment possible for our players, Massachusetts Hockey has announced a new background screening procedure that will begin with the start of the 2019-2020 season. As an affiliate

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HWAA – Meet The Officials

As part of Hockey Week Across America, 18 NHL games in American cities will offer two young officials the chance to meet the NHL officials working the particular contest prior to the game and then stay to watch those NHL

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On-Ice Official’s Code of Conduct

Act in a professional and businesslike manner at all times and take your role seriously. Strive to provide a safe and sportsmanlike environment in which players can properly display their hockey skills. Know all playing rules, their interpretations and their

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Holding rule-breakers accountable

Q&A with Matt Leaf on the importance of game reporting Published in Stripes – 1/11/2019 Everyone in hockey wants the game to be played within the rules. More importantly, they want those who fail to do so to be held

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Is Your Kid’s Goalie Mask Illegal?

Whether it’s Zach Parise’s work ethic or Patrick Kane’s puck skills, young players love emulating their favorite pro players. So if a young goalie has the chance to wear the same mask as world-renowned goalies such as Henrik Lundqvist, he or she will likely jump at the

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3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 12

Goals And Assists  A player is skating toward the opposing net, takes a shot and falls down sliding toward the net. His momentum carries him in to the goal keeper, knocking the puck loose and in to the net. The

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