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3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 8

HookingWhat would be examples of an infraction warranting a major penalty for hooking? Rule Reference 623(a). 1) A player is hooked around the waist, and the offending player is able to steer the opponent violently into the boards or goal

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Meet the NHL Officials

On February 22-24, 2019 USA Hockey will celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Hockey Weekend Across America. This weekend is a special time when all of our membership (players, parents, coaches and officials) take time to celebrate everything great about ice

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3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 7

26 Days Friendly reminder that you need to have the 18/19 Crest on your sweater in 26 days. Complete your requirements now! Avoid having to turn back games, don’t wait! 3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 7 Injured

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Rule Review – Issue 6

Goalkeeper What’s the call if a goaltender comes to the bench during a stoppage of play Rule 205(e) During a stoppage of play a goalkeeper may not go to his players’ bench without the permission of the Referee (except during

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Rule Review – Issue 5

Puck Must Be Kept In Motion A player is playing the puck along the boards with his skates or stick, but not advancing the puck in an attempt to obtain a stoppage of play. What should the Referee do if

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Rule Review – Issue 4

Broken Stick The goalkeeper breaks his stick. A player of the same team obtains a goalkeeper’s stick at the players’ bench and, in the act of taking the stick to the goalkeeper, he slides it along the ice to the

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Rule Review – Issue 3

** REMINDER **Your last chance for seminars is this week in Canton. Don’t miss your chance! Wednesday October 10, Level 3 and Saturday October 13th Level 1 and Level 2. Preregistration is required, visit to get started. Penalties During

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Rule Review – Issue 2

3 Rules you thought you knew – Issue 2 Thanks for taking the time to read this email, we certainly hope that it’s helpful. If one official gets better, we all get better. Jewelry Must a player remove earrings or

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Rule Review – Issue 1

A Step Forward In an effort to strengthen general rule knowledge by officials here in MA, we will be sending an email with a few rules questions/references for your review. We appreciate you taking the time to read, hopefully you’ll

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Congratulations to Paul Stewart

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Gordon “Red” Berenson, Natalie Darwitz, Leland “Hago” Harrington, David Poile and Paul Stewart will be enshrined into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame as the Class of 2018, it was announced today by USA Hockey. The 2018 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Celebration

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