Seminar Information

All new and returning Referees are required to attend an annual USA Hockey Officiating seminar. Seminars are held beginning in early August and usually run through November.

You can complete your USA Hockey registration by attending any USA Hockey officiating seminar nationwide. However, you should not complete a registration application with USA Hockey unless you are certain you can attend a seminar. Seminar attendance is required to complete your registration and become qualified to officiate USA Hockey games. USA Hockey does not offer refunds for incomplete registrations. You can search for all seminars nationwide at the USA Hockey web site.

Seminar season starts in August and runs through November.  State supervisors have started planning next season’s seminars and we’ll post the information here as soon as it is available. USA Hockey will open their registration web site on August 1.  Once the seminars are scheduled, please make your reservation with USA Hockey as soon as possible to avoid getting closed out.

Questions? Refer to the FAQ for questions about the reservation system. Check out the “How to Become A Referee” page for questions about the certification process.
USA Hockey Reservation System FAQ