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18/19 Registration Changes

On the USA front there are some changes to the registration for the 18-19 season. USA Hockey is going to a two-tier fee structure starting with the 2018-19 season. There will be one fee for Level 1 and another fee

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What to expect for the future of officials registration and education

From Stripes Someone once said that “Officiating is the only vocation where you are expected to start out perfect and then only get better from there.” It’s true, officials face plenty of scrutiny every time they step on to the

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Women with Whistles

From Q-and-A with Erin Blair and Katie Guay There’s no question about it, females have taken great strides in gaining acceptance and inclusion on the ice. From players to coaches and officials, girls and women in hockey are gaining

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OFFICIATING MYTHS: Taking a look at reality

By USA Hockey Officiating Program No one has ever implied that officiating is easy. This is especially true in ice hockey as the speed of the game and the special skill required (skating) to successfully officiate provides additional challenges that

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