USA Hockey Seminar Registration FAQ

What’s the URL for the USA Hockey Seminar Reservation System? The first thing you want to do is log in to USA Hockey. Go to your member profile page and log in or create your USA Hockey profile. Then go to the Seminar Catalog to search and select a seminar.

Why won’t the system won’t let me register at my level? The USA Hockey Reservation system checks your past certification status and will only let you reserve a seminar for the level at which you are qualified for. If you are eligible for a given level and the system refuses your reservation, check to make sure your profile name matches the name USA Hockey has for you in the database. Make sure your profile matches the name on your Referee Card exactly, no periods, commas, or other special characters including spaces, are allowed.

I’m under 13 years of age, why can’t I create a profile? Legal restrictions prevent USA Hockey from allowing officials under 13 from creating an online profile, please contact the Referee In Chief for more information. Please Note: Per Massachusetts Child Labor Laws you must be 14 to Officiate in Massachusetts

The seminar reservation system has locked up. What can I do? Check your profile password. No special characters (!@#}{} etc) can be used in your password.

I went to the seminar last week, why haven’t I received by card and crest? It takes a couple of weeks to process the seminar reports and closed book exams as they need to be approved and then sent to USA Hockey in Colorado for grading. Any questions should be directed to your District supervisor.

My friend got his crest last week why haven’t I received mine? Check with your District Supervisor. If you have completed all of your requirements then there may be an issue with your seminar attendance, like a mismatched name, that will need to be corrected.

My question isn’t listed here, who can I call? Email your District Supervisor to resolve any issues. Contacting USA Hockey in Colorado will only delay the response since they will usually just pass it back to the State personnel.