3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Issue 8

To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day.

What would be examples of an infraction warranting a major penalty for hooking?

Rule Reference 623(a).

1) A player is hooked around the waist, and the offending player is able to steer the opponent violently into the boards or goal frame.

2) A player is hooked between the legs and the offending player uses the blade of the stick to punish the opponent (AKA cup check). This could also be penalized under Spearing if the toe of the blade is used.

401 – Penalties
Any player who receives five penalties in the same game shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty. [Game Misconduct shall be recorded on the game sheet in addition to the players other penalties.]
(note: know any league specific rules!)

Any Head Coach whose team receives 15 or more penalties during one game shall be suspended for the next scheduled game of that team. See 401 – Situation 4, page 95. [15 or more penalties shall be noted on the game sheet]
In both situations, a Game Report is required.

Broken Stick
What does the word “participate” mean in reference to a player who participates in play with a broken stick?

“Participate” shall mean playing or attempting to play the puck, body-checking or attempting to body-check an opponent, or continuing any action that directly affects the play. Rule Reference 605(a).

A player may carry a broken stick to his players’ bench only if he is in the immediate vicinity of the bench, is completely out of the play and does so immediately upon breaking the stick.

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