3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 15

108 – Signal And Timing Devices

A face-off occurs with ten seconds remaining in the period. As play begins, one of the On-Ice Officials notices that the clock has not started. Should the Official stop play immediately to remedy the situation.

No. Rule Reference 108(b).

As soon as the Official notices that the clock has not started, he must begin counting down the remaining seconds in his head. If he counts down to 0:00 and the period should have ended but didn’t, he must stop play to end the period.

If the Official properly counts down to 0:00 in the above situation, but does not stop the play for whatever reason, any goal that has been scored after he counts down to 0:00 shall be disallowed.

404 – Misconduct Penalties

Is it possible for a player to be assessed more than one game misconduct penalty in the same game?

Yes. Rule Reference 404(b).

There are several scenarios where a player could put themselves in a position to be assessed multiple game misconduct penalties (e.g. Major plus game for a high stick that causes injury and then is first to intervene in an altercation). In all instances, the appropriate penalties must be assessed to hold the player accountable for their actions.

Standard Of Play

A player delivers a check without taking the two fast strides, but instead accelerates through the check and delivers just as much force as if he had taken two fast strides. Could this be considered charging?

Yes. By accelerating through the check and maximizing the force used, the player is no longer simply separating the opponent from the puck and instead is attempting to intimidate or punish the opponent. Under the Body Checking Standard of Play, this must be penalized under the charging rule.

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Points of Emphasis

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