3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 14

603 – Boarding

A player is skating behind an opponent as they head towards the end boards. At the bottom of end zone face-off circle, the trailing player trips the opponent and causes him to lose control and crash into the end boards. May a boarding penalty be called in this instance?

Yes. Rule Reference 603(a).

The boarding rule covers all potential illegal actions that causes an opponent to dangerously contact the boards. Even though a tripping penalty may also be appropriate, the boarding call is preferred to draw attention to the more aggressive infraction.

621 – Face Off Locations

A stoppage of play in the Defending Zone was caused by a defending player and the Official assessed the defending team a penalty. Subsequently, during the same stoppage of play, an attacking player is assessed a penalty. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot. Rule Reference 612(c).

The stoppage of play was not caused by the actions of players from both teams for the purpose of establishing a last play face-off. The penalty by the attacking player causes the face- off to occur at the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot.

616 – Fouled From Behind

What criteria must be met in order for a penalty shot to be assessed when a player on a breakaway is fouled from behind by an opponent?
1) The fouled player has possession and control of the puck.
2) The fouled player is beyond his Defending Zone.
3) The fouled player has no opponent to pass except the goalkeeper.
4) The fouled player is fouled from behind (beyond his peripheral vision).
5) The fouled player has been denied a reasonable scoring opportunity. This includes situations where the foul committed has denied the fouled player the ability to make a reasonable attempt to score.

Rule References 616(Note 1 & Note 2).

All of these criteria need to be met in order to award a penalty shot. If one or more are not met, then the appropriate penalty shall be assessed in the normal manner.

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