To the hockey parents

Written By Brad Lohmeier – posted on Facebook.

To the hockey parents I’ve witnessed,

You may not realize it but the “worst referee ever” and the ref who “sucks” just happens to belong to the person standing beside you. He’s my son.

The “crappy” ref is 13 years old and has officiated over 50 games. He has taken on everything from Atom House to Championship games in Pee Wee Rep tournaments.

He would rather be sleeping in but because of his passion for the game, he gets up at 4:45am to ref your child at their 6:15am game on a Saturday morning.

He can often hear your voice, he knows what is being said….yet he does his job in a responsible, professional manner and somehow manages to not take it personally.

The “ref who shouldn’t be out there” has spent hours studying, writing tests, going to classroom and on ice sessions to be certified by Hockey Canada. He has been recognized by his local hockey association and has worked hard to earn the right to be on the ice. He’s had multiple coaches from other towns compliment him for doing a great job. He most likely knows the rules of the game better than you.

Yet, he SUCKS!

He’s had parents “boo” at him as he walks to the change room after a game. He’s even been followed into the change room by a pissed off coach. Yet he keeps officiating.

So….if the referees decided not to show up because of the abuse from the parents and coaches – then what? Do you have the courage to jump on the ice? I guess you just cancel the game and go home. How does that sound?

Parents, coaches, players and everyone in that rink must answer to the ref. He didn’t make the rules, he is simply enforcing them. If anyone in that rink is out of line….that 13 yr old has the power to throw them out of the rink. Guess what?….he has thrown out a coach who was in his 40’s because the coach took it too far. Could you do that? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

They call the game as best as they can and it’s truly remarkable how few mistakes they make.

When your player clearly tripped a kid then scored, you were fine with that. Turn the tables and now it’s a different story.

Who do I cheer for? The black and white stripes. They keep the game fair and they keep the players safe.

I’m beyond proud of my “worst ref ever.” He takes on more than you will ever know….and he loves every second.

As for me, I feel sorry for what your kid must go through on the ride home after the game. Hockey is supposed to be fun….I’m guessing for your kid it’s not.

And for the penalty that was called at 3:25 in the third period – it was too many men, and you probably didn’t notice….but the ref did.