3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 11

623 Hooking

What would be examples of an infraction warranting a major penalty for hooking?

Rule Reference 623(a).

1) A player is hooked around the waist, and the offending player is able to steer the opponent violently into the boards or goal frame.
2) A player is hooked between the legs and the offending player uses the blade of the stick to punish the opponent. This could also be penalized under Spearing if the toe of the blade is used.

616 Fouled From Behind

With the opposing goalkeeper on the ice, a player in his Attacking Zone has a breakaway and is fouled from behind. He gets up and takes an unimpeded shot on the goal. Should a penalty shot be awarded?

No. Rule Reference 616(a).

The player, once he regains possession and control of the puck, has not been denied a reasonable scoring opportunity. A minor penalty is the correct call in this situation.

613 Face Off Procedures

A player taking a face-off who is on-side, is deliberately delaying getting set for the face-off. Should the Official conducting the face-off, after a minimum of five seconds have elapsed, drop the puck with only one player ready?

Yes. Rule Reference 613(c).

However, the Official must manage the face-off with proper mechanics and communication in order to minimize this occurrence. The onus is on the player to be ready for the face-off in a timely manner and follow the instructions of the Official.

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