3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 10

409 – Calling of Penalties

Player A1 has committed an infraction calling for a misconduct penalty while Team B is in possession of the puck. How does the Referee indicate that the infraction has occurred?

He does not signal the infraction in any way. Rule Reference 409(a Note 2).

As soon as Team A acquires possession and control of the puck, he will blow the whistle to stop play and assess the penalty. The reason for not signaling is that this penalty is not considered a “team” penalty, but rather a “player” penalty. A result of the Referee signaling the penalty would be the substituting of a sixth skater for the Team B goalkeeper, and Team B is not entitled to this advantage.

605 – Broken Stick

May a player on the ice carry two player’s sticks, one which was obtained from the players’ bench, so that he can give one to a teammate who has lost or broken his stick?

Yes. Rule References 605(b) and 301(e).

As long as the player does not participate in the play, he may carry a replacement stick to a teammate. Once he does participate in the play in any matter, however, he must be assessed a minor penalty for illegal equipment.

613 – Face-Off Procedures

The Linesman drops the puck and before it hits the ice, one of the centers hits the puck out of the air with the blade of his stick. Should the Linesman allow the play to continue?

Yes. Rule Reference 613(a).

As long as the player made a legal attempt to gain possession of the puck, the play shall be allowed to continue. If the Linesman had dropped the puck and it accidentally hit
the stick or glove of either player facing-off, play must be immediately stopped and a new face-off conducted.

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