3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 9

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630 – OffSides

May a goal ever be allowed during the course of a delayed offside?

No. Rule Reference 630(d.3).

The attacking team caused the puck to enter the end attacking zone illegally, therefore no goal may be scored from a direct shot on goal. Even if the defending team shoots, passes or deflects the puck into its own goal, a goal may not be allowed. This is also true in cases where the attacking team has nullified the delayed off-sides by clearing the zone prior to the puck entering the goal. The Official responsible for the call at the blue line should stop play immediately for the off-sides once it is determined the puck is shot on goal.

However, provided the puck was not shot directly on goal and the attacking team has cleared the zone, play shall be allowed to continue and any goal legally scored shall allowed.

632 – Puck in Motion or Out of Sight

A player is playing the puck along the boards with his skates or stick, but not advancing the puck in an attempt to obtain a stoppage of play. What should the Referee do if this action continues?

Initially the Referee should verbally alert the player to advance the puck, provided he is not being checked. If, after approximately three seconds expire, no attempt has been made to advance the puck, the Referee shall stop play and assess a minor penalty for delaying the game.

Rule References 632(b) and 610(a).

It is most important for the Referee to verbally instruct the player to move the puck.

406 – Penalty Shot

During a Penalty Shot attempt, the puck rebounds off the goal post, hits the back of the goalkeeper’s leg and enters the goal. Should the goal be awarded or disallowed?

The goal shall be awarded. Rule Reference 406(c).

Even though the rule states that no goal shall be scored on a rebound, this situation is not considered to be a “rebound” and instead is interpreted to be a continuation of the original shot. The word “rebound” means a second shot by the player after a deflection off the goalkeeper or goal post.

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