3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 8

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203 – Players In Uniform

May players of the same team wear the numbers “01” and “1” during the same game?

Yes. Rule Reference 203(b).

While the numbers are mathematically the same, the addition of the leading zero makes “01” a distinct number that is different from “1.” The scorekeeper must enter the numbers as such on the game scoresheet prior to the game and for any event.

629 – Leaving the Players Bench

A Coach goes on the ice during the game to protest an Official’s decision. What penalty must be assessed?

A bench minor and game misconduct penalty. Rule Reference 629(d).

The Referee is given the option of imposing either or both penalties, depending on the severity of the incident. However, in all cases where a Team Official comes onto the ice during a period to protest a decision, both penalties must be assessed. Should the Coach continue the protest and refuse to leave the ice, he shall also be subject to a match penalty under Rule Reference 601(f.3).

639 – Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking/Slew Footing

For a tripping penalty to be assessed, must the fouled player fall to the ice?

No. Rule Reference 639(Note).

The Rule uses the words “trip or fall” to describe the offense. In the case where a player does not fall, it must be clearly obvious his progress was impeded and a competitive advantage was gained as a result of the tripping action.

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