3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 12

Rule 501 Appointment of Officials

An On-Ice Official arrives at the game only to realize that he forgot his helmet. Is he allowed to officiate in this instance without a helmet?

No. Rule Reference 501(c).

Each official is required to wear a black hockey helmet, with chin strap properly fastened, and a half-shield visor properly attached to their helmets when officiating. Under no circumstances should an official be allowed to participate without this required piece of protective equipment.

Rule 621 High Sticks

A player has his stick blade above the height of the shoulders. The puck strikes the butt-end of the stick, which is below the height of the shoulder, and goes into the goal. Should the goal be allowed?

No. Rule Reference 621(c).

When any part of the stick is carried above the shoulders, the entire stick is considered to be high. Therefore, in this case, no goal can be allowed and the ensuing face-off is held at a Defending Zone face-off spot of the offending team.

Submitted Question:

Player A trips player B.  Ref blows whistle and assesses tripping penalty to player A.  Player B slams his stick on the ice multiple times and cheers.  Does player B get an unsportsmanlike?

Rule 601(a)2
A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be assessed to any player who commits the following actions:
(2) Taunts or incites an opponent.

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