3 Rules You Thought You Knew – Vol 2 Issue 5

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*304 – Protective Equipment*
Must a request come from the Captain of the opposing team before the Referee may warn a team or assess a Misconduct Penalty to a player who does not wear a required mouthpiece?

No. Rule References 304(f) and 307(c).

Whenever a player is on the ice, he is deemed ready to play and the mouthpiece rule enforced.

*605 – Broken Stick*

A stick is thrown onto the ice from the players’ bench to a player who has broken his stick. What penalty is imposed if the stick is picked up by any player?
A bench minor penalty is assessed to the team for throwing articles onto the ice.

Rule References 605(b) and 601(b.4).

No penalty is assessed to the player receiving the stick under this rule as only one penalty should be assessed for the same infraction.

*SafeSport Locker Room Policy *
Officials locker rooms in hockey arenas are usually set apart from the team locker rooms. For a given game, there may be 2, 3 or 4 officials, and there may also be officials sharing the officials’ locker room that are present for the game prior or game following. There may be officials of different genders, or there may be Minor age officials working with adult officials. Additionally, officiating supervisors or assignors may be present in some or all of these situations. Officials should never assume that other officials are comfortable with the same locker room situation as they are. If separate dressing rooms are not available, then the following protocol shall be followed:
1. Prior to the game, officials of one gender enters the dressing room to get dressed while the other official(s) steps out. 2. Once dressed, the first official(s) steps out and allows the other official(s) to enter the dressing room to get dressed. 3. Once both dressed, both genders can be in the dressing room to conduct pre-game meeting. The same procedure must be followed after the game.
In situations with Minor officials working with or sharing locker rooms with adult officials, _*the adult officials*__*should take precautions*_ to minimize and avoid extended unobserved time alone with minors. This can be addressed by: A. Inviting the parent into the locker room; B. Asking another official to wait in the locker room before leaving; and/or C. Leaving the locker room door open.
Supervisors and assignors of officials must always avoid any one-on-one interactions with any official (regardless of age or gender) unless such interactions occur at an observable and interruptible distance by another adult.

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