Rule Review – Issue 6


What’s the call if a goaltender comes to the bench during a stoppage of play

Rule 205(e)

During a stoppage of play a goalkeeper may not go to his players’ bench without the permission of the Referee (except during time-outs) unless he is substituted for by another player or goalkeeper. For a violation of this rule a bench minor penalty for illegal substitution shall be assessed.

Hand Pass

Puck is flipped in the air near goal crease. Attacking player and defenseman both reach up to try and bat puck with hand (jump ball). Attacking player bats puck into defenseman and then puck goes into goal. Puck would not have gone in without contact by defenseman. Goal or no goal?

No goal can be scored as a result of the puck being propelled by the hand of an attacking player regardless if the puck enters the goal directly from the hand or deflects off of any player prior to entering the goal.

Goalkeeper Equipment

Can a goalkeeper playing in the Youth or Girls’ age classifications wear a “cats-eye” facemask?

Yes, as long as it is HECC approved. Rule References 303(b) and 304 (c & d).
There are some HECC approved goalkeeper facemasks that do have the look of a “cat’s-eye” shape. In these cases, the openings of the facemask are small enough to meet ASTM standards and do receive HECC approval. The shape of the opening is not important, it is the size of the opening that will determine whether certification is gained.


HECC Certification

The Non-Certified Cat-Eye on the RIGHT, will NOT have the HECC Sticker on it

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