Rule Review – Issue 5

Puck Must Be Kept In Motion

A player is playing the puck along the boards with his skates or stick, but not advancing the puck in an attempt to obtain a stoppage of play. What should the Referee do if this action continues?

Initially the Referee should verbally alert the player to advance the puck, provided he is not being checked. If, after approximately three seconds expire, no attempt has been made to advance the puck, the Referee shall stop play and assess a minor penalty for delaying the game. Rule References 632(b) and 610(a).

It is most important for the Referee to verbally instruct the player to move the puck.

Throwing The Stick

With the goalkeeper off the ice, an opposing player gains possession of the puck on a breakaway in the Neutral Zone, and the puck is knocked off his stick by a stick thrown by a trailing defending player. The attacking player himself is not interfered with, and would easily be able to regain possession of the loose puck, continue on his breakaway and (in the Referee’s opinion) score a goal. Should the Referee stop play immediately and award the goal?

Yes. Rule Reference 637(b).

In this situation the offended player is not required to be in his Attacking Zone for an awarded goal to apply when a stick or other object is thrown or shot. Note also that if the Referee does not feel that the player would have had a clear shot on goal had the thrown stick not occurred, then the proper call is a minor penalty since the infraction did not occur in the offending player’s Defending Zone.


A player uses a hollow shafted stick without the insertion plug on the top. Shall the Referee allow a player to play with such a stick?

No, the stick shall be replaced immediately. Rule Reference 301(a).

The player must have the plug inserted or have a sufficient amount of tape covering the exposed end of the shaft to prevent injury.

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