Age Restriction Notice for Officials

In order to comply with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 149, Sections 54 – 105, all officials must reach the age of 14 prior to being allowed to officiate USA Hockey games within the Massachusetts District.  In addition, all officials age 14 to 17 must submit the proper documentation to the league(s) they work for prior to being assigned any games. M.G.L. Chapter 149 also restricts officials age 14 to 17 on the number of hours they can work in a day and the times of day they are allowed to officiate.


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Rule Change Proposals Now Accepted

Members of USA Hockey who wish to submit a playing rule change proposal for consideration by the USA Hockey Board of Directors at the 2017 Annual Congress must do so prior to November 1, 2016.  All proposals must be submitted in writing to the USA Hockey national office and must include the specific wording of the proposed change, addition or deletion.  Playing rule change proposal forms can be obtained by clicking here, through your District Director, Affiliate President or other USA Hockey appointed district personnel.  You may also submit your proposal via e-mail by forwarding your proposal, on the proper form, to:

After preliminary review of each proposal by the Playing Rules Committee, the proposals will be sent to the appropriate committee or council for their recommendations.  The Playing Rules Committee will meet during the USA Hockey Annual Congress in an open forum where USA Hockey members have a chance to voice their opinion on each proposal.  At this time, the Playing Rules Committee will also make their final recommendations to the USA Hockey Board of Directors for their approval during their annual meeting.  Those proposals that are accepted will be incorporated in the Official Playing Rules and will be in effect for the 2017-18 through the 2020-21 seasons

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2016 Seminar Dates and Locations


When you go to register please think about moving up through the levels as you develop your officiating career.  If you would like to be considered to work a National Championship Tournament you need to be a level 4 ( This year we sent 7 officials and we would like to send more officials to these tournaments ).  If you are interested in attending one of USA Hockey’s Development camps again you need to progress through the levels (This year we have 8 officials attend camps and would like to send more).

You must register with USA Hockey as an Official PRIOR to registering for a seminar.

Seminar Dates and Locations are:

05-Nov Level 1 Algonquin HS, Northborough
09-Aug and 10-Aug Level 1 – New Officials Only Haverhill Valley Forum
Two evenings, Aug 9 & 10, must attend both nights.
24-Aug Level 3 Algonquin HS, Northborough
27-Aug Level 1 Algonquin HS, Northborough
27-Aug Level 2 Algonquin HS, Northborough
 28-Aug  L1, L2, L3  Agawam Junior High, Feeding Hills
10-Sep Level 1 West Middle School, Andover
10-Sep Level 2 West Middle School, Andover
12-Sep Level 3 West Middle School, Andover
17-Sep Level 1 Barnstable HS, Barnstable
17-Sep Level 2 Barnstable HS, Barnstable
17-Sep Level 3 Barnstable HS, Barnstable
3-Oct Level 4 Embassy Suites, Marlborough
11-Oct Level 3 Canton HS, Canton
15-Oct Level 1 Canton HS, Canton **FULL**
15-Oct Level 2 Canton HS, Canton



While we hope not, dates and locations are subject to change due to things outside of our control.

As a reminder, to complete an official’s registration an applicant must:

Register online with USA Hockey as an official
Register and attend a classroom seminar and (ice session for Level’s 1, 2 & 4)
Complete the required and elective online training modules within the required time frame
Pass the open-book exam at their registration level
Pass the closed-book exam (no closed-book exam at Level 1) for their registration level
Complete their online USA Hockey SafeSport training at the end of every two-year cycle

DON’T WAIT open book and Modules are ready for you to knock them out!!!!

If you have them complete by the time you come to the seminar you will have your new crest in about 10 days.

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USA Hockey removes usage of traditional age classifications

There is a big change coming to youth hockey, and it’s all about names.

Based on a rule change by USA Hockey, age classifications will no longer have name labels like ‘midget’ or ‘bantam’ in the USAH rulebook.

Instead, all age categories for youth hockey are to be referred to only by age number – 12U, 14U, 16U, etc.

Within the legislative proposals addressed at USA Hockey’s Annual Congress, ‘Legal Council #3 Amended’ is the document in which the name changes take place; the proposal was approved by the board of directors.

The ‘intention of proposal’ states: “To remove references to age classifications using Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget, and instead refer to them using age categories.”

USA Hockey’s Legal Council and Disabled Section submitted the original proposal.

The proposal states that the ‘housekeeping changes’ of removing the names would take place in these areas:

  • References to age classifications would list ages only
  • ADM chart would list classifications by age only
  • Split Season Dormant Program would remove references to “midget”
  • Under age coach examples would refer to age categories only
  • Junior relocation section seeking information on “midget” teams would refer to 18U
  • References to “Midget Hockey” would refer to “Youth Hockey”

You can see the approved proposal here.

How age categories will now be referred to:


  • Seventeen (17) and Eighteen (18) – 18U (Midget)
  • Fifteen (15) and Sixteen (16) – 16U (Midget)
  • Fifteen (15) Tier I only – 15 (Midget)
  • Thirteen (13) and Fourteen (14) – 14U (Bantam)
  • Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) – 12U (Pee Wee)
  • Nine (9) and Ten (10) – 10U (Squirt)
  • Eight (8) and Seven (7) – 8U (Mite)
  • Six (6) and Under – 6U (Mini Mite)


  • Seventeen (17) through Nineteen (19) – 19U
  • Fifteen (15) and Sixteen (16) – 16U
  • Thirteen (13) and Fourteen (14) – 14U
  • Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) – 12U
  • Nine (9) and Ten (10) – 10U
  • Eight (8) and Seven (7) – 8U (Mite)
  • Six (6) and Under – 6U (Mini Mite)
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Clip of the Week – Holding – A closer look

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Congratulations! – USA Hockey Nationals

Congratulations to the Massachusetts Officials chosen to work in National Tournaments this year!

Kelly Cook
Sarah Hickman
Rachel Hutchinson
Jean Goodwin
Keisha Dunlevy
Joseph Tamaino
Bryan Moran

Well deserved, thank you for representing!

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Clip of the Week – Third Man In

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Clip of the Week – Techniques to Improve Your Game

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USA Hockey’s Officials Shadow Program

Jack Hevey and Hunter Neale were selected to participate in USA Hockey’s Officials Shadow Program as part of Hockey Weekend Across America, where they saw Wednesday’s (2/24) Bruins game against Pittsburgh, and had the opportunity to meet the refs pregame.

From Jack’s Dad :

First, thanks to the Bruins Organization, Mass Hockey and USA Hockey for this opportunity.  Candidly, for the boys to have a chance to meet the NHL refs and ask questions was great.  Its nice to hear they started the same way as Jack and Hunter and through love of the game and passion, its become a career.  One of things that stuck out for Jack was Mort’s comment on how managing the game, players and coaches is very similar to any sort of business life.  It’s managing people and giving and getting respect.  They provided some key take a way’s and also suggested Referee clinics to strive to get better and better.
Special thanks goes out to Mike Dargin and his group.  He and Andrew were gracious hosts and Mike walked us around personally so the boys could see what goes into a Bruins game.  We saw warm ups from the glass and the boys were even introduced to one of Ice Managers who let them try on his Stanley Cup ring.  Mike added in the fist bumps with the Bruins which was pretty cool.  Especially, Brad Marchand fist bumping the boys with a little joking around.  All in all a great night and the 5-1 win topped it off.
Jack and Hunter with the NHL Refs Jack and Junter Waiting for Bruins
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Clip of the Week – Covering for your partner

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Clip of the Week – We all make them

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