These Instructions will help you learn how to submit a report. If you have any questions, please contact your district supervisor.

You are only required to submit a game report for Major Penalties, Game Misconducts and Match Penalties.

Be careful in submitting reports. Punctuation, spelling, completing all requested information, and “just the facts” count. These reports will go to the affiliate and will be attached to your Official number. You may get phone calls or e-mail correspondence from the affiliate. Be professional, courteous, respond to the request, and advise the board if you are ever contacted.

Order of Officials. The person submitting the report is always listed first on the incident report.

Searching for Officials. If you can’t find someone in the database, just put in their last name and search for them. Some of our officials are known by nicknames while their legal names are listed with USA Hockey. They will not show up if you are searching by their nickname.

Be sure to complete the Incident Location diagram correctly.

Select the Correct Penalty Assessed: Be sure to review your rule book and select the correct rule reference from the drop down menu.

When you get done with your report, there are 2 buttons at the bottom. One is SAVE (blue) and the other is SUBMIT REPORT (Green). You will hit the SAVE button this will save and close the report. This will take you back to your summary Incident Report screen. It is from this screen that you can review and send your report.

Once you are satisfied with your report and are ready to submit, go back to your report, click on the edit button and go to the bottom of your report and click the SUBMIT REPORT button.


icon_pdf  Game Report Instructions

On behalf of USA Hockey and the Officiating Program, we would like to thank you for your involvement in officiating and for your patience.  As you are aware, USA Hockey’s Officiating Program has undertaken a significant initiative with the development of an online seminar curriculum designed to further enhance the education of our member officials.  These types of projects are seldom completed without glitches and in our case, the primary glitch was the delay in the final video production of many of the modules.  We certainly apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience and understanding through this process.  We are confident that your patience will be rewarded with a quality product that enhances your officiating experience.

On the positive side, the required portion of the online seminar curriculum was launched on August 22nd and to date we have had over 4000 officials (including 1000 the first weekend) successfully log-in and complete these required modules.  We realize there are still many of you who will start the process shortly and are confident you will have the same level of success in navigating through the system.

The “Elective” portion of the online seminar curriculum will be launched at 2:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday, September 12th.  At that time, when you log-in to your specific curriculum, you will see a new listing of course material under four categories.  Within each category, you will be asked to complete a certain number of modules (depending on your level of registration) from a list of presentations that you choose because they are of most interest to you.  Once you have completed the required number of modules in a specific category, the menu bar will reflect that completion and you are free to move on to the next category.  When all four category requirements have been completed, you have successfully completed the online seminar curriculum and will be sent a confirmation email that you should hold onto as verification.  At the same time, information will be shared with the USA Hockey database (please allow 24 hours for the various websites to be able to communicate this information) and your profile will reflect completion of the online seminar requirement.

In addition, for those of you who have logged into the system and completed the required portion of the modules, your time restraint to complete the modules within a certain period will be waived as a result of the delay in making the elective portion available.  Everyone will have plenty of opportunity to complete the online curriculum in a reasonable time frame.

Once again, thank you for your continued commitment to USA Hockey and for your involvement in officiating



No-check doesn’t mean no-contact hockey. This video demonstrates allowable and illegal body contact at age 12 and under.

For the first Clip Of The Week for the 2014-15 season we take a look at a late, avoidable hit example

To transfer from one seminar to another within your state of residence, please sign into your online Profile and access your Referee Status page. The seminar you are currently registered for is listed at your Referee Status page with a “Request Transfer” link next to it. Click the transfer link and follow the steps to move to a different seminar.

To transfer to a seminar outside of your state. Please sign into your Profile and access the Seminar Catalog to find your seminar listing. Contact the Coordinator (using the link) and ask to be removed from the seminar roster. Once removed you may re-register for a seminar.