The Mental Game

The mental aspect of your officiating starts well before you even receive the game assignment. In order to have a complete and thorough knowledge of the rules and interpretations, which is expected of every official, he/she must continually review resource materials. Simply reviewing the rule book to complete the exam and otherwise only when special situations occur is not enough to become proficient in the rules. Rule knowledge is an ongoing process supported by practical experience and review of the written resource materials regularly.

Approach the game in this manner and mindset:

1. I am in control and have the final say. I don’t have to put up with them but, they DO have to put up with me.
2. I will be as professional, if not more than the last game.
3. I will be courteous, approachable and show NO signs of remembering what happened in previous contests.
4. I will not entertain long discussions, nor stand around conducting long discussion.
5. I will make my calls, skate away and penalize accordingly.
6. Finally, my actions will show that I am only there to enforce the rules, and that they decide their own fate.