3 Rules vol 2, issue 2

610 – Delaying The Game

When a goal post has been displaced intentionally, does the Referee or Linesman stop the play?

Any of the On-Ice Officials may stop play, but only the Referee may assess the penalty. Rule Reference 610(e).

Regardless of the intent of the player, the play must be stopped immediately if the goal post is displaced.

615 – Fighting

Can a major penalty for roughing be assessed in order to avoid the automatic game misconduct penalty required when a fighting major penalty is assessed?

No. Rule References 615(a) and 640(a).

The Referee has a great variety of penalties to call to differentiate various degrees of participation in an altercation. However, a major penalty for roughing can only be assessed for body checking an opponent after the whistle has blown or for a late avoidable body check.

The Referee should not attempt to manipulate the rulebook. A game misconduct was added to the fighting major penalty for a specific reason and has been in effect for many years now. Regardless of a Refereeā€™s personal opinion about a rule, he is expected to apply the rules within their spirit and intent.

Failure to do so results in the compromised integrity of the game and a loss of credibility for the officials.

304 – Protective Equipment

All players, including goalkeepers, in all age classifications below Adults, are required to wear a facemask certified by HECC, plus any chin protection that accompanies the facemask.

(Note) Any helmet or facemask that is altered except as permitted in Rule 304(c) shall be deemed to be illegal equipment and shall not be allowed to be used in a game. The player, or such equipment, shall be removed from the game until corrected. (This shall include helmets from which a part has been cut or removed, facemasks from which the chin-cup has been removed or any other such alterations from the original manufacturing specifications.)