Rule Review – Issue 3

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During a delayed penalty signal to Team A, Team B scores a goal. The signaled penalty is recorded but not served. Is the signaled infraction included in the cumulative penalty rules for players and teams?

Yes. Rule References 401(b) and 409(b).

Each penalty that is recorded on the scoresheet, whether or not it is actually served, counts towards the cumulative penalty rules.

Penalty Shot

The Referee has signaled a delayed minor penalty for charging on Team A. Team B maintains possession of the puck and a Team B player is fouled from behind on a breakaway resulting in a penalty shot call. Is the minor penalty assessed in the normal manner and if so, what happens if a goal is scored on the penalty shot?

The charging penalty is assessed in the normal manner regardless as to whether a goal is scored during the penalty shot. Rule References 406(a), 402(c) and 409(b).

Only one delayed minor penalty can be terminated as the result of a goal. In this instance, the penalty shot is awarded in lieu of the minor penalty for a “fouled from behind,” which takes the place of the minor penalty being assessed. A goal scored on a penalty shot does not terminate a different minor penalty.

Goalkeeper Penalties

If a goalkeeper receives a major and a game misconduct penalty for slashing, does the player designated to serve the major penalty have to enter the penalty bench immediately?

Yes. Rule Reference 407(b).

A player designated to serve the major penalty of a goalkeeper must be placed on the penalty bench immediately, unless the coincident major penalty rule applies.

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