Online Officiating Education

All officials must complete online education regardless of level or experience. Online Education consists of a series of Course categories (total of six).

  • Pre-Required
  • Required
  • Procedures
  • Positioning
  • Penalty Criteria
  • General

All course categories must be completed to finish online training.

All modules within the Pre-Required and Required categories must be completed. The remaining four categories contain a menu of elective modules and an official must complete the required number of modules (e.g. 4 modules of 7 offered) within the category to complete the category.

There will be a short quiz at the end of each module that the official must pass to complete the module and continue with education. If the official does not pass the quiz, the module will reset and the official must complete the module again.

Online Membership Registration must be completed for 24-hours before access to the Online Education System is granted.